The Best Little Hidden Secret Around Town

Tucked away on a side street in Petersburg near historic Fort Mahone is a cozy, unassuming little restaurant that over its long existence has become a local legend. Jimmy’s Grille is the place where natives and visitors alike go when they want a quick lunch in an old-fashioned diner filled with warm smiles and delicious sandwiches.

“It’s been a local, hometown restaurant since Jimmy and Frances Basis opened it forty years ago,” says new owner Tommy Adams. “We’ve tried to keep up their tradition.” The menu consists of traditional American diner fare, with the Basis’ personal Greek twist. “Everyone in Petersburg knows that Jimmy’s Grille is where you can get the Big Jim Special,” says Adams, referring to their signature dish, a juicy, tender hamburger piled high with condiments and served with hot French fries. If you come early, they offer a selection of delicious breakfast specials.

Jimmy’s servers are always chipper and friendly, and their chefs prepare each dish with local ingredients and pride in their product. All of these characteristics come together to make Jimmy’s not just a run-of-the-mill diner, but a special place for its customers. Mr. Adams says, “I think Jimmy’s is a home: it’s the home of the Big Jim Special, and the home of a good meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, for a great price with terrific service.”

Jimmy’s would love to cater your next event.

The 1st Friday Night each month is Steak & Seafood Night.