L VE L VE happens when you’re in the moment and your moment awaits here! A mouthwatering meal on a patio or in a candlelit corner, a special glass of wine or a cold brew, or a special cup of coffee to start your day. A concert on the river or at The Beacon and they play your song. When you feel the adrenaline rush as the racecar engine fires, or you jump and the parachute opens, or you are on that exciting zip line! It could be a quiet moment on a kayak, or hiking or biking the trails along the rivers, through the battlefield or historic neighborhoods. Perhaps, when you are struck by the rich history on hallowed grounds, historic homes, courthouses, churches; the stories of valor in military museums, of perseverance of African Americans. Or your moment may come in a shop or a gallery, or when you visit a farm, meet the cows and eat ice cream, or you see the tractors and antique toys that take you back to a childhood memory, or when the giraffe playfully eats out of your hand. Those are but a few of the moments that are here just for you! 2 CHESTERFIELD COUNTY • COLONIAL HEIGHTS • DINWIDDIE COUNTY • HOPEWELL • PETERSBURG • PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY