b'Pamplin Historical Park and the period in American history national Museum of the Civil warThe Civil War remains a defining soldierExperience Life in Civil War AmericaEssentially, the Civil War ended here on April 2, 1865,because America does not have an the Breakthrough Battle, when the final supply line was broken. That evening Petersburg and richmonduncomplicated past. In our present were evacuated. It is here that the stories of theday, we continue to find ourselves everyday lives of 3 million Americans, from north & south, blacks & whites, immigrants and native-born,polarized over nationalism, race, who fought in the ranks of Civil War armies, are told.and freedom. Petersburgs historic Learn why slavery became such a divisive issue in American politics. Why did one of the most importantsites and battlefields helps us battles take place on such a remote VA farm? You will see a film in the Battlefield Center, War so Terrible,understand the potential fragility which depicts the realities of Civil War combat. Tourof our republic. Tudor Hall Plantation and see the animals and crops. Encounter costumed interpreters and a military encampment. The 4 miles of trails expose you to field fortifications and the Breakthrough Battlefield. ThereEMMANuEL dABneYare youth camps, historical symposia, teas, speakers, special events throughout the year.Historian, Interpreter | Petersburg National Battlefield6125 Boydton Plank RoadPetersburg, VA 23803 | (804) 861-2408 Petersburg national Battlefieldthe Longest siege on American soil Almost one quarter of the Civil War was fought here as generals Lee and grant battled for control of the railroads that the Confederacy desperately needed to survive. Petersburg National Battlefield tells the story of the long siege that resulted in the fall of richmond and the wars end. general grants Headquarters at City PointNow the City of Hopewell, grant established his headquarters at City Point, a port town at the confluence of two rivers. Overnight, the town became one of the busiest ports in the world as hundreds of ships delivered food, clothing, and bullets.Duty Calls Me Here brings visitors face-to-face with the soldiers. Personal digital players allow visitors to follow soldiers through 7the eastern Frontgalleries using interactive computers, videos, life-sized dioramas,The Eastern Front features exhibits and audio-visual 700 original objects and multi-sensory battlefield simulation, Trial byprograms that introduce the story of the siege and its Fire. The digital players continue to provide information as you moveimpact on the course of the war. Walk the battlefield to throughout the entire property. find the infamous Crater!Five Forks BattlefieldOne day before the Breakthrough, union general sheridans men overwhelmed gen. Picketts soldiers at this pivotal road intersection, Five Forks, and the battle became known as the Waterloo of the Confederacy.Poplar grove national CemeteryOver 6,000 Federal soldiers who fell in battles from Petersburg to Lynchburg have their final resting place in dinwiddie County.24 Chesterfield CountyColonial heightsdinwiddie CountyhopewellpetersburgprinCe george County PetersburgAreA.org804.861.1666 25'