Re-enactors POCAHONTAS & JOHN ROLFE While living at While living at Henricus, Pocahontas Henricus, Pocahontas took the English name took the English name Rebecca. She met Rebecca. She met John Rolfe and they John Rolfe and they were married in April were married in April 1614 at Henricus. 1614 at Henricus. Henricus Historical Park The Second-Oldest English Settlement in the New World - 1611 High on a bluff overlooking the scenic James River sits Henricus, encompassing an English fort, an English settlement and an Indian village. You will interact with period-dressed interpreters who may ask you to assist with cooking, blacksmithing, planting or harvesting. You will hear about the life of Pocahontas and meeting her husband, John Rolfe, our first LOVE story. Did you know that the first hospital in the new world was here? Check the calendar for youth camps, fascinating hands-on programming and spring & fall festivals on the river. 252 Henricus Park Road Chester, VA 23836 (804) 748-1611 PETERSBURGAREA.ORG 804.861.1666 23