“ Owner | Steam Bell Beer Works BRAD COOPER with daughter, CAROLINE Family, passion, Family, passion, community and community and quality…the key quality…the key ingredients for all the ingredients for all the craft beverages that craft beverages that we LOVE in The Best we LOVE in The Best PART of Virginia PART of Virginia AMMO BREWING Beer happy! AMMO is comfortable, a craft beer lovers dream! On any given day there are 16 varieties to try and you will LOVE the names: Wheat Wheat Don’t Tell Me, Crater Hop Bomb, Rosemary’s Baby among them and all are made on-site. There is also great food, including vegetarian and vegan options and a great Sunday brunch. A wonderful patio area welcomes you and your dog, who gets a treat, and families can enjoy board games, dartboards and a pool table. 235 N. Market Street Petersburg, VA 23803 (804) 722-1667 HALEY’S HONEY MEADERY Beyond just producing honey, the Haley family has opened a small urban meadery in downtown Hopewell. What is mead? It is a very old alcoholic drink that is fermented honey mixed with fruits or herbs to produce different flavors. The Haleys produce one basic batch at a time which is fermented into 5 different batches, each with a distinctive flavor, and a heavy emphasis on locally- sourced ingredients. Try a tasting flight to experience the differing flavors. 235 E. Broadway Hopewell, VA 23860 (804) 310-6845 PETERSBURGAREA.ORG 804.861.1666 9 “